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Watch: Irish girl sings breathtakingly beautiful rendition of 'Oh Holy Night'

Irish children's cancer charity Aoibheann's Pink Tie (APT) have released a video of staunch supporter Hannah Roddy(14) singing 'Oh Holy Night' to help raise funds for the charity.

The charity was set up five years ago by Dad Jimmy Norman after daughter Aoibheann Norman passed away.

"When she died, I asked all the men in the church to wear pink ties... when I was coming down the aisle behind her coffin, I was very moved to see all the pink ties".

APYT provides financial assistance to parents of children diagnosed with cancer, along with a number of other inititaves to give the children a better quality of life.

The charity imported dry suits from England and provided them to children going through chemo. Children going through this treatment would have a 'Hickman line' in their chest which cannot get wet, and the dry suits allow the children to shower and swim as normal.

They also introduced a "chemo duck" to the children. As Jimmy explains, "The chemo duck has his own Hickman line. It's transference - when they get their treatment, the duck gets it too. It's amazing how much more at ease the children then are".

The charity are working on a "dream with Aoibheann" pillow which will allow children to listen to their mp3 player or even call their parents through their pillow. "Some children are too weak to lift themselves up so this will allow them to talk to their parents lying on their pillow".

APT even took a negative trend, NekNominate, and turned it into a positive trend.



Jimmy told Independent.ie: "I came up with PicNominate". As he explains, one child's room is decorated and the child can then nominate another child to receive the special treat. "The only limitation is the kid's imagination - they can have whatever they want. It's a vinyl mural and they design it themselves".

APT are running a radio campaign in the run-up to Christmas which Jimmy believes is the "first of it's kind in Ireland and one of the biggest in the world".

Hannah's voice will feature on the ad. Hannah has sung for APT events "every year since she was a little girl". "We have two big parties for children every year in Dunboyne castle... and a Pink Tie Ball in April".

Jimmy decided not to go the single route as he says "it's very hard to sell singles at Christmas". Jimmy is hoping the sound of Hannah's voice on the radio ad will send people to watch the video on Facebook and donate via text.

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The ad will air up to 5 times per day on TXFM from today, and 2-3 times daily on Today FM and Newstalk from next Monday.

Jimmy told Independent.ie that their aim is to "get APT more well-known".

"On average 2-4 children will be diagnosed a week with cancer.... "the more awareness there is (of the charity), the more we can help".

Jimmy won the Hidden Hero award, the Pride of Ireland award and the Local hero award from RTE in 2015 for his work with the charity.

You can follow APT on Facebook here.

Text 'Pink Tie' to 50300 to donate €2.

Text cost 2 euro of which a minimum of 1.63 will go to Aoibheann's Pink Tie.

Service provider Likecharity. Help line 076 78 05 278.

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