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Saturday 14 December 2019

Watch: Incredible drone footage shows community rallying to save flood-hit family home

Marese McDonagh and David Kearns

Shocking drone footage reveals the extent of the challenged faced by a flood-hit family in County Roscommon whose home has become an island surrounded by flood waters.

Vincent and Ann Brady, whose house is less than two miles outside of Boyle, are facing a desperate battle to keep their home dry as rising waters threaten to overwhelmed the family's defences.

A quick flyby by an aerial drone shows flood waters pressing right up to the hastily constructed wall of sand bags that surround the house.

In the footage shot by Darren Purcell, friends and neighbours can been seen helping the family as they man the pumps keeping the water at bay.

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"We are now on an island surrounded by water," explained Ms Brady, who has had to cope with having no heat, no washing machine, no showers and no functioning toilets for days as water threatens to overwhelm family’s two remaining pumps and septic tank.

In the drone footage, a volunteer can been seen arriving by boat with more sand bags for the flood defenses.

Members of the Boyle Fire Service, Boyle & District Angling Club, Civil Defence, friends, neighbours and many more have been providing 24-hour cover in a bid to keep the water out.

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"One of the three pumps seized during the night," Ms Brady told the Irish Independent earlier this week.

"I suppose it just burned out. We moved the Jeep and the cars to high ground but there is six feet of water in the sheds.

"Our turf is destroyed, power washers are ruined and my garden is under water.

"I don't know when I (last) slept but I don't want to sleep.

“When I close my eyes all I can see is water."

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