Watch: Heartwarming moment duck follows her chicks as rescuer leads them to safety Newsdesk

A heartwarming video has been captured of a mother duck following her baby chicks as an office worker leads them to safety.

Calin Ploscar from Scott Tallon Walker Architects on Merrion Square, Dublin said that every year the office sees baby ducks hatching behind their building.

"They just come out of the hiding and are waiting patiently for a day or two, for some of the staff members to lead them to the water. In this case they are waiting to go to the Grand Canal, which is 700m to 800m away."

Office workers Tony Hayes and Mark Crilly took the baby chicks in a box and crossed several junctions, with mother duck following closely behind.

"Previously my colleagues went on foot with the baby chicks all following behind but with all the traffic it is very difficult and dangerous.

"This year we decided to put them all in a box. The babies were a bit easier, the mother was not. We did not take the flying part in the consideration and we couldn't get her into the box."

Ms Ploscar said that once the babies were in the box, the mother duck followed the box everywhere.

"So, with full alarm on (baby ducks crying), we crossed several junctions, with the box in front and the mother duck following very closely behind."