Tuesday 24 October 2017

Watch: He is worrying but Trump won't stop me going on a J1 - students apply for visas

Irish students on why they won't let the US President deter them from a summer in the US

Philip Markey (19)

Chai Brady

Students across Ireland voiced there excitement about going to the US on a J1, but admitted they found President Trump's policies "worrying".

Anxious students attended interviews at a J1 Job Fair in the Market Hotel in Dublin in the hopes that they might secure a job in the US, Independent.ie spoke to them about their thoughts on the president.

Many of them were "heartbroken" when they heard Trump threaten to "terminate" the programme, but were delighted when it was actually extended this year.

Some 2,600 more visas were allocated this year, bringing the total number to 7,000.

Áine Foley (21) studies Primary School Teaching in DCU.

"It's something I've been looking forward to since I was younger, my brother who's five years older went over and he had the time of his life," she said.

"I really wanted to have that experience so I was delighted when they decided not to do it for another few years." 

When asked about Trump's policies she added: "I do find them a little bit worrying. We all have different views, but I think he has very strong views that most people might find a bit worrying." 

Sean O'Sullivan (20) studies Business and Economics in Trinity College and is happy he's going to New York because he doesn't think Trump  has many supporters there.

He said: "I think it'll be interesting to see, there seems to be a lot of protesting going on and he's making a lot of decisions everyday. I don't know if it'll still be like that in a couple of months if we went over there. I wouldn't say I would be nervous about going, or scared or something like that." 

He added that it was "great" that the programme has been extended this year.

"I definitely would have been annoyed  if it was taken away or whatever because I've been looking forward to go going for a couple of years. Hopefully it continues to be extended," he said.

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