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WATCH: Green Party Senator calls for Leinster Schools Senior Rugby Final to go ahead and allow players to have their ‘moment in the sun’

A Green Party Senator has called for the IRFU to do “everything in their power” and review if the Leinster Schools Senior Rugby Final can go ahead despite coronavirus restrictions.

Sen Vincent P Martin made this appeal in the Seanad the day before it broke up for summer recess.

He appealed for a “feasible way” to allow the senior rugby players from private schools in Kildare Clongowes Wood and Newbridge College go head to head in a “Kildare Derby” and have their “moment in the sun”.

Currently, Irish Rugby guidance states that a “graduated return” to rugby is in place and matches will be allowed to go ahead from September onwards.

However, Sen Martin emphasised that this match should be allowed to go ahead prior to students heading off to college.

“Is there any way at all the IRFU could, even if it means that very few people present, give people such a well deserved day in the sun and have this all Kildare Derby. It would be such a spectacle,” he said.

“It’s the highlight of their sporting lives and I would ask the IRFU and i know they will do their best, is there any feasible viable way of putting that match on? It means so much to those young children.”

“They are not young children, they are adults but they started for six years to get to the promised land, to have their moment in the sun.”

He added that the pandemic has “ripped” this moment away from them.

“The pandemic has ripped it away from them. Maybe it’s late but it’s not too late to do everything in their power to look at it again, to review it.

“Is it possible to put on that match? You would make so many families and two brilliant school teams and their supporters and their families so happy that we can defeat the pandemic and if there’s a way of doing it that adheres to health and safety [guidelines] it would be a spectacular boost to these young adults as they enter the next chapter of their lives,” he said in the Seanad.

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