Wednesday 22 November 2017

Watch: Gang of youths brazenly steal bike in broad daylight Newsdesk Newsdesk

This footage shows the ease with which a gang of youths brazenly stole a bike in the city centre.

In the clip a gang of five teens can be seen testing bikes on bike racks to see if any are unsecured.

One comes away easily from the rack but the youth is unable to cycle it away. Instead he lifts it overhead and throws it onto the ground, likely damaging it.

Further down the street another member of the group manages to pull a bike away from a railing, where it appears to be secured, in one quick motion.

He cycles it away as a small group of by-standers watch on in disbelief.

Gardaí have been working to crackdown on bike theft in the capital, urging owners to invest in a good lock by spending in between 10 and 20pc of the value of the bike on the lock.

Around 6,000 bikes are stolen in Ireland every year.

Previously gardaí introduced bait bikes in order to help catch thieves.  A pilots scheme was rolled out in 2015. The bikes are locked to railings which are then surveyed by plain clothes officers who intervene if a thief tries to make off with the bike or another belonging to a citizen.

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