Wednesday 16 October 2019

Watch: Dublin Bus investigating incident where young man 'scutted' on back of moving bus

Dublin Bus described the incident as reckless Photo: Stock image
Dublin Bus described the incident as reckless Photo: Stock image
Amy Molloy

Amy Molloy

Dublin Bus is investigating an incident where a young man 'scutting' on the back of a bus on a busy main road.

Video footage has emerged of a man hanging off the back of the 40C as it travelled on a bus corridor.

The 40C services the Finglas area, going from Parnell Street in the city centre and terminating on St Margaret's Road near Charlestown Shopping Centre.

A Dublin Bus spokesperson said the action shown in the video is "unsafe and extremely dangerous."

"Dublin Bus is investigating this incident. Dublin Bus strongly discourages anyone from partaking in such reckless behaviour that could result in serious injury," he said.

Gardai said they have not yet been made aware of this incident.

Fianna Fáil councillor Paul McAuliffe described the incident as "utter stupidity".

“It’s difficult to imagine why anyone would go out if their way to subject themselves to such danger and the high probability of causing a serious accident. Its utter stupidity but it’s equally dangerous for anyone nearby including pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists, not to mention the Dublin Bus driver themselves," he said.

“To the best of my knowledge this dangerous behaviour can only be carried out on the new SG model of buses which are gradually being added to the fleet. We can hardly expect management in Dublin Bus to revert to the older model to prevent this public disorder.

“When similar incidents occurred in the south of the city last year, Dublin Bus were left with no alternative but to alter the route of the buses affected and even in some more extreme cases had to curtail services altogether in order to avoid accident or injury. The prospect of services being affected as a result of this behaviour, particularly if it continues, will be a concern for local commuters that rely on the bus on a daily basis."

Last year, a young girl who sustained a severe brain injury after she fell off the side of a Luas tram in Dublin while "tram surfing" settled a High Court action for more than €500,000.

Rebecca Kelly was 13 when she and a friend jumped onto the outside of a Luas tram, gripping on to the edge of the doors as it departed the Fatima station on the Red Line.

She fell back on to the tracks striking her head and had to be rescued by her friend.

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