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Sunday 25 March 2018

WATCH: Could this be the worst road in Ireland? Potholes and cracks lead the way... to an NCT centre

Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

Could this be the worst road in Ireland?

The road at Toughers Industrial Estate in Kildare is littered with large potholes and cracks in the road.

Ironically, it leads to the local NCT centre, which is also located in the industrial estate.

“When you’re taking your car to the NCT it’s certainly a problem,” local Fine Gael councillor Mark Stafford told

“It’s very uneven and heavily potholed. The community have been complaining about it, it’s certainly a problem that needs to be fixed,” he said.

Works are due to begin this Monday to fix the road and will take up to six weeks according to a spokesperson for the industrial estate.

It will affect drivers using one of the many services there as the main entrance to Tougher Business Park will be closed from 8am and traffic will be diverted to the next exit of the same roundabout.

Earlier this year, shared a video of a junction close to Rosslare Harbour, which is a contender for the unofficial title of 'Ireland's worst sign-posted road'.

The video went viral in Ireland and was picked up globally, with the New York Post describing it as "one of the worst junctions ever built".

The popular news outlet titled the video 'Did a drunken Irishman design this road?’.

"For drivers in Ireland, going to Rosslare Harbour is a dangerous task. Whoever designed the entrance made some 'interesting' choices, leading to one of the worst junctions ever built," it read.

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