Wednesday 21 November 2018

Warring Brady brothers urged to mend fences

CAROLINE CRAWFORD THE brother of Fianna Fail hopefuls Royston and Cyprian Brady has called on the feuding siblings to end their rift for the sake of their mother.

A bitter rift has developed between Royston and brother Cyprian following Royston's unsuccessful attempt to win a seat in the European parliament.

Recent reports suggest that a sample poll carried out in the Taoiseach's constituency Dublin North Central has found that Royston may be a more popular General Election running mate for Mr Ahern than his senator brother. These reports have done nothing to mend fences between the brothers.

Now a family member has called on the two politicians to put their spat behind them for the sake of their mother. Fulton Brady has pleaded with his warring brothers to end the row that flared up over a constituency poll.

"The two lads are at loggerheads and I just want to remind them 'United we stand, divided we fall'," Mr Brady said.

The latest row centres around a sample ballot poll in which Royston fared much better than his brother. Royston received nine per cent support in the private poll of the Dublin Central constituency of the Taoiseach, while brother Cyprian got only three per cent.

"Royston was given nine per cent even though he hasn't delivered a leaflet for more than a year and a half. Cyprian only got three per cent. It's caused tension.

"I just want them to put an end to it. Get on with it and get over it," added Mr Brady.

The poll is believed to have caused a bitter rift between the two and is having a terrible affect on the family. Their brother wants the pair to put it behind them for the sake of their mother.

"It's snowballing into something terrible and it's about time they got it under wraps," he added.

Cyprian Brady would not comment on the rift today.

"I don't discuss family business outside the family and I wouldn't expect anyone else to," he said. Royston was uncontactable.

Cyprian had been widely tipped to run alongside the Taoiseach in the constituency. The party is under massive pressure to retain its second seat in the area after confirmation that Sinn Fein's Mary Lou McDonald would run there.

In the last election Bertie Ahern's running mate Dr Dermot Fitzpatrick held the second seat for Fianna Fail from Sinn Fein's Nicky Kehoe by fewer than 80 votes.

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