Friday 24 November 2017

Warning over sex assassination spam email hitting Irish accounts

Craig Hughes

A SPAM email has hit Irish accounts threatening to kill the reader in a bizarre sex-related assassination.

But anyone receiving the bizarre email is being warned not to respond in any way – as it will only lead to more spam arriving in your inbox.

The email, allegedly from a professional assassin, offers one last opportunity to escape a nasty death involving a horse, made to look like a sex game gone wrong.

The email closes with the assassin urging the reader to get in contact with him in order to avoid assassination.

This, however, is the last thing you should do, according to cyber analysts.

Head of IT security and cyber analyst at ESET Ireland, Urban Schrott, has warned people not to reply to the email, as it could lead to future personalised scams being directed towards them.

“We would urge people not to reply to this, or any spam. When a spam is sent out it targets millions of people in the hope that some will reply,” Mr Schrott said.

“Before you reply they know nothing about you but if you reply, even to insult them, then they have your name and possibly your address. With this information they can then send a much more personalised scam to your account which you are more likely to fall for,” he said.

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