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Warm weather set to continue

IT'S been a slow burner, but summer is finally here.

Weather forecasters are predicting this week will be the hottest yet and temperatures could reach a scorching 27C in places.

After a recent run of washout weekends, beaches and parks were busy yesterday as temperatures reached a balmy 20C and the fine weather is set to continue throughout the week.

Forecaster Harm Luijkx from Met Eireann said this week would be the warmest in a long while.

But it comes with a caveat -- it won't necessarily be very sunny.

"This week will be warmer than in recent weeks. Although temperatures will be reasonably warm between 18-22C it won't be sunny all the time," he said.

"There will be a lot of cloud as well so it won't be glorious sunshine."

Peter O'Donnell of Irish Weather Online predicts top temperatures will reach 27C.

"Wednesday will have sunny intervals and be very warm and possibly hot for some in the east. There will be highs of 23-27C in the east and 18-22C in the west.

"The warmth could last through Saturday before breaking, with forecasts in the range of 24-27C and Sunday 17-20C."