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Want to help Peggy the puppy? Animal centre trying to raise thousands to save pooch








AN animal rescue centre is trying to raise thousands of euros for a hip and knee replacement for this adorable pooch Peggy.

It was initially believed that the operation would cost around €4,000 for the Staffordshire-cross puppy.

After initial surgery this morning, it was revealed that her knee is worse than first feared.

‘‘During the surgery this morning, the doctor said her knee is much worse than first anticipated,’’ a worker at Little Hill Animal Rescue centre told independent.ie.

After undergoing X-rays, the doctor discovered that her knee would have to be looked at by a specialist but they are hoping to fix her injuries for at least €1,000.

The seven-month-old cutie was found with two dislocated knees and hip damage.

The abandoned pup was terrified when she was found by a passer-by in Co.Longford and was unable to walk.

‘‘We are overwhelmed by the support and generosity shown for our little Peggy, so many wonderful people have offered support and donations,’’ she said.

Two anonymous women donated large sums of money to Peggy's Legs Appeal by sending money directly to the Cottage Vet Clinic.

Pet retailer Maxi Zoo Ireland is collaborating with the centre in an effort to raise funds for the dog’s surgery.

Jessie and Michael Munnelly of Auto Entry Systems were also thanked for their generous donations.

The worker said ‘‘several thousand’’ had been raised but more money was needed for many other animals.

‘‘We have received offers of five, twenty and €300 so money is no object to treating Peggy,’’ she said.

Peggy was brought to Littlehill Animal Rescue & Sanctuary after she was found in a pound.

‘‘If we don’t take them, they will be put to sleep after five days in the pound,’’ she said.

Based in Kildare, the centre adopts animals that have been rescued from pounds or neglected on the street.

‘‘I am bringing her over to Cottage Vet Clinic this evening for the start of her treatment, x rays and surgery in the morning,’’ the centre owner said on Facebook yesterday.

‘‘She needs this surgery ASAP in order to give her a better life and enable her to run and play and enjoy life,’’ it read.

The rescue centre is currently holding around 40 horses, 22 cats, 16 dogs and 100 battery cage hens, along with some cute pigs.

The centre does not offer a re-homing service for unwanted animals.

The cats and dogs it adopts have been rescued from pounds and unhealthy environments. 

The centre is so crowded that people bringing in neglected animals must make an appointment.

The idea for the centre was conceived several years ago when its owners came across many under-fed and neglected horses.

They took in the horses and overtime began to take in more badly-treated animals.

With limited resources they decided to raise funds to establish the centre.

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