Sunday 22 September 2019

Waiting times are 'no longer an excuse' for not taking driving test - RSA

The national average for a driving test is now 6 weeks
The national average for a driving test is now 6 weeks

Gabija Gataveckaite

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has said that the average waiting time of six weeks for a driving test date is no longer an “excuse” for not taking a test.

According to the authority, the waiting times for a driving test are currently at their lowest.

This comes as the gardaí have announced a clampdown on learner drivers who appear to be renewing their permits repeatedly and not passing a test to obtain the full license.

“Wait times are no longer an excuse for not taking a test and our efforts will soon be turning to getting people who have been driving long term on a learner permit to come in for a test,” said a spokesperson for the RSA.

The average wait for a driving test is six weeks and at most centres around the country, times range from five to seven weeks.

However, according to forecasted waiting times in the coming months on the RSA website, applicants could be waiting for up to nine weeks for a test.

“Waiting times are as low as they have ever been and the national average waiting time is now just over six weeks,” added the spokesperson.

“The big problem being faced by candidates is that they are being called for their test much quicker than they had anticipated, which is resulting in candidates turning up unprepared, contacting us to re-schedule their test or not turning up at all,” the spokesperson added.

Today, the Irish Independent reports that gardaí will be clamping down on learner drives who repeatedly renew their permits.

Gardaí aim to target drivers in their 30s, 40s and 50s who have been driving on their learner permits “for years”.

Currently, learner drivers can hold permits for two years. During that time, they must complete a driving test and when re-applying for their learners permit, they must submit proof of having sat a driving test.

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