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Waiting in the wings for a prize snap

A COMMON tern feeding its chicks a minnow in mid-flight is among the breathtaking photographs of amateur wildlife photographer Noel Marry (left).

The roofer from Drogheda, Co Louth, is well used to getting a bird's eye view of the world. And he wasted no time snapping this poignant shot while visiting a wetland in Arundel, Sussex in 2009.

His photographs, including a rare image of a kingfisher in flight taken along the banks of the Broadmeadow River in Swords, Co Dublin, have graced newspapers across Ireland and the UK after being picked up by a UK photo agency last week.

"I'm always on the look-out," said Mr Marry (53). "I've always loved wildlife and I have been taking wildlife photos since 2007."

Irish Independent