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Voters get the final say on night before election

THE broadcast media fell silent at the strike of 2pm yesterday, leaving all political anoraks and election nerds to rely on Twitter for sustenance.

Rather than go cold turkey, they tweeted about their continued collective outrage, took umbrage with canvassers who dropped but didn't knock, and relayed details of their trips home for today's Judgment Day.

The tweets all struck a common theme: finality. Final appeals, final words, final apologies, final rebuttals, final applause, final curses and the final push on what felt like Christmas Eve for many.

Former Fine Gael TD Gemma Hussey was among those to make final amends, having previously claimed the party would have been within reach of an overall majority if Enda Kenny wasn't leader.

"Happily getting ready to eat my hat if FG gets the magic majority and to say 'what a great campaign -- well done Enda and team'," she tweeted.

Final Fianna Fail goodbyes also dominated, with one tweeter, Martin, claiming: "Voting Fianna Fail tomorrow is like turning up to a funeral with a get well soon card."

Throughout the day, tweeters retweeted messages about the #paperprotest, advising voters to fold their ballot paper into a plane on behalf of all emigrants who couldn't vote.

And then there were the retweets about the #drivetovote, encouraging people to volunteer to bring people to and from polling stations in their local areas.

Politicians stayed away from Twitterland in favour of focusing on 11th-hour votes.

It left one Karl E Pants to write an introduction that left the end to everyone's imagination as they prepared for the magic that is election day: "T'was the night before the election, and all through the State..."

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