Saturday 21 April 2018

'Volcanic dust' spotted in a few counties

Louise Hogan

The Environmental Protection Authority joined health experts yesterday in offering reassurances as people reported layers of volcanic dust on everything from cars to bowling greens.

Despite the reports of the particles being spotted, the watchdog confirmed there was no increase in pollution noted from the ash cloud at its monitoring stations.

Rainfall expected in the coming days could cause a small amount of the ash to be deposited over the country. However, the Health Services Executive (HSE) insisted the "quantities are expected to be too small to pose a health risk to the public".

People in a variety of locations including counties Leitrim, Donegal and Dublin reported spotting the volcanic dust.

In Leitrim, Tina Slevin, from Mohill, explained she had been baffled after spotting a fine layer of dust glistening on her own car and that of a neighbour's.

"It was the nearest thing to white pepper you could get but just slightly darker. There were little sparkles in it but they were minute," she said.

Rhoda Draper said the dust could be spotted on the bonnet and windscreen of her car in Donnybrook, Dublin. "It had a sort of a sheen to it," she told RTE's 'Liveline' show. "I ran my finger along it and it was a dark mushroom colour. It was slightly shiny."

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