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Sunday 17 December 2017

Violent criminal Alan Wilson's chilling call to murder garda and journalist

Alan Wilson
Alan Wilson
Joyce Fegan

Joyce Fegan

VIOLENT criminal Alan Wilson, who was cleared of murdering Roma teenager Marioara Rostas, was recorded saying he would kill detective and a journalist.

“Whether I live or die — I’m going to take them to the next life with me,” said the criminal in a recorded phone-call from Cloverhill Prison.

Wilson (35) is currently serving a seven-year sentence for a meat-cleaver attack in Blanchardstown in 2009.

However, while he was in custody awaiting the trial, he was recorded threatening a detective and Sunday World crime reporter Mick McCaffrey.


“Listen, the damage the police and this paper person done to me, I’m going to resolve this whether I live or die,” said Wilson in a call on August 30, 2011.

The criminal signed a form when entering the prison acknowledging that it was procedure that calls in the institution were recorded.

The transcripts were given to the gardai by the Irish Prison Service.

In the same call he said: “I’m going to take them to the next life with me.

“Whether I live or die, no matter what it takes.”

A call made just over two weeks later on September 16, 2011, heard Wilson continue his tirade against Mr McCaffrey.

“That man that wrote the newspaper article yeah, a lot of people are calling us names over this.

“Tell Fergus to give the best weapons over and do whatever, get in touch with . . . and everybody around you and tell to do as much damage as possible,” the gangster said down the phone from custody.

“Just tell them to get the best yokes and get it dealt with and I’ll give him €20,000 if he goes to that address and sorts it out,” continued Wilson.

The criminal was giving his orders to his former friend Fergus O’Hanlon, who later gave evidence against him in the Rostas murder trial.

In another phone-call on October 4, 2011, Wilson told a female friend on the phone: “That f ****** copper tried to set us up, c*** isn’t he?”

Following the seizure of the recorded calls, gardai raided his cell on November 28, 2011.

They removed a piece of paper with the name of former Justice Minister Alan Shatter on it, which also carried his address.

He later said that he only had the address to write to Mr Shatter to raise awareness for his case.


The dangerous criminal was found not guilty last month of the murder of Ms Rostas, who endured a horrendous death in 2008.

In the transcripts, reported by the Irish Sun on Sunday, he also named two men he wanted hired as hitmen.

It is understood that the Director of Public Prosecutions is to re-examine the case against Wilson for the murder of the 18-year-old Romanian teenager, after he was acquitted on July 31.

Wilson did not give any evidence during the trial.

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