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Friday 15 November 2019

Views 'will not affect friendship'

German economy is driver of Europe
German economy is driver of Europe

German-Irish relations will not be tainted by the Anglo Irish tapes controversy, its ambassador in Dublin has said.

The German Embassy in Dublin revealed it received several emails and calls from Irish people sympathising with them after bank executives were heard singing its national anthem during the bailout.

In one recording, John Bowe, director of treasury, sang Deutschland Uber Alles - words from an old version of the anthem used by Nazis and the Third Reich - as executives discussed the anger felt in Germany and the UK over the bank guarantee.

German Ambassador Dr Eckhardt Lubkemeier reassured the public that Germans did not regard the views and attitudes expressed on the recordings as being reflective of those of the Irish people.

"We got a considerable number of emails and phone calls expressing sympathy with us, with Germany, the German people, after these conversations were published," he said.

"We reassured those people these are not, from our point of view, indicative of the views of the Irish people.

"It will not affect German-Irish friendship, it will not affect the bonds of affection that are in place between the Irish and the German people."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel previously said she had contempt for the contents of the Anglo tapes, which were published in recent weeks in the Irish Independent.

Dr Lubkemeier told RTE's Today with PK that most Germans felt the same about the recordings between bank executives.

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