Friday 24 November 2017

Video shows nephew admitting he is in breach of court injunction, bank claims

Louise Hogan

Louise Hogan

THERE was a sharp intake of breath in the courtroom -- even the judge raised an eyebrow.

All eyes were on the video screen as Peter Darragh Quinn, a nephew of Sean Quinn Sr, nonchalantly laughs, before saying: "I would have to lie . . . that wouldn't overly worry me".

Anglo Irish Bank, now known as IBRC, claims the video recording shows Peter Quinn and Sean Quinn Jnr discussing the movement of large sums of money and the alleged attempted stripping of assets in relation to a large shopping centre in Kiev, Ukraine.

That video recording took centre stage in the High Court yesterday.

An affidavit for the bank states the video shows Peter Quinn telling two unidentified people, that appear to be Russian-speaking businessmen, that he was in breach of a court injunction.

According to the bank, the meeting was between Peter Darragh Quinn, Sean Quinn Jnr and Larisa Puga, who had been managing the shopping centre development in Kiev for the family. There were also two other Russian-speaking men present.

Some extracts include Sean Quinn Jnr speaking off-camera saying they are unhappy with a cash payment of $100,000.

Sean Quinn: "Is there somewhere, just before we go to . . . we're not happy with the one hundred thousand dollars but we'll take it.

"Is there somewhere for us to put it? Is there some bank open where we could put that at the moment. Could we put that in a box?

"Is there some bank? We are not happy with hundred thousand dollars' cash, but we will take it obviously. Is there somewhere for us to put that today?"

Peter: "Can we get a safety deposit box today?"

(The Russian men say there is no problem getting a box but wonder why they can't just declare the money.)

Larisa: "You can declare it."

Peter: "Declare it?"

(A Russian exclaims that it is possible for every person to declare $100,000 at customs.)

Peter: "Of course, and all the major reporters expecting us when we land there with a hundred thousand . . ."

Other parties query would it be possible to put the money on their cards.

Peter Quinn later goes on to say he is "in breach of Irish injunctions which you are aware of" to the other men.

He adds he has been instructed by a court in Northern Ireland to testify in a Ukrainian court in relation to his signature on an agreement if he wants "to stay out of jail".

Sean Quinn then expresses unhappiness with the $100,000.

Larisa: "Not happy or happy?"

Sean Quinn: "Unhappy. Not happy."

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