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Friday 23 March 2018

Video: Passengers take fright as pilot abandons landing at Dublin Airport due to high winds

Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

Passengers on a flight reacted with fright as the pilot was forced to abandon a landing into Dublin today due to very strong winds.

The pilot of the flight had to make a second attempt to land at around 8am today in adverse weather conditions.

Passenger Howard Godolphin (53), who was flying into Dublin on business, said the plane was shaking violently and passengers became very distressed.

“The nearer the ground we came, the gusts seemed a lot more severe. That would upset the balance of the aircraft more. I was looking out at the wing, it was going up, then down, then up. The plane was going from left to right as well.”

“It was being buffeted very aggressively by the wind. In the video, it looks like the right hand wing tip is only a couple of metres off the ground, but the plane wheels hadn’t yet reached the ground, and the other wing was tipped right up to the left.”

A spokesperson for Dublin Airport Authority said winds “were gusting very strong across the air field this morning”.

“It was forecasted. Obviously, safety is the number one priority with the airlines and the airport… pilots wouldn’t land unless it was safe to do,” the spokesperson said.

Our video footage above shows the rollercoaster ride endured by passengers this morning.

“A few people were quite frightened. A young lady sitting near me, her knuckles were white as she was clinging to her seat. People were very, very nervous.”

“I’ve been in all sorts of airplanes when it’s been a rollercoaster ride. This one was right among them.”

Mr Godolphin said: “They had given us warning that it would be a bumpy descent and told us to buckle up.”

“It was quite scary still coming in on the second landing. The plane was shaking quite violently. And when we eventually landed, there was a rapturous applause for the pilot,” he added.

A spokesperson for the airline said it had no record of an incident, but the flight's path on the website showed that it circled around twice at Dublin Airport.

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