Friday 13 December 2019

Video of women’s brawl over bread rolls goes viral

Joyce Fegan

A VIDEO of two young females being removed from a busy Dublin newsagent after a late night row broke out over bread rolls has gone viral.

The video, filmed by a passer-by, shows the two females lying on the ground of the Grafton Street shop at the deli counter rolling around with two-litre bottles of 7-UP.

At one point in the two-minute long video one of the females shouts “7-UP war” as she proceeds to throw the bottles of mineral at the shop's staff. The staff member, who had come from behind the deli counter, was attempting to remove the females from the shop as a queue of customers formed behind them.

As one of the pair is brought outside on to Grafton Street young men standing outside tell her she should “be ashamed of herself.”

She then informs them that she had asked for a free roll.

The video begins filming as the two females are lying on the ground at the deli counter kicking their feet up in the air and laughing as the shop's staff try to remove them.

This is the second late-night incident that occurred in a busy Dublin newsagent after a video last week emerged of young men running and trying to kick down a glass door into a shop.

At one point one of the females reaches up to a customer and says “let me up,” before dropping back on to the floor.

Both females had their rolls in their hand as they lay on the floor where 7-UP bottles and fresh apples rolled around.

Customers were hit by the bottles of 7-UP and one shouted “stop throwing.”

Outside the shop, the first girl is told “good riddance,” as she lies on the street outside.

She then says “that is the funniest thing I have ever come across.”

The incident is thought to have occurred early on Easter Sunday morning and was uploaded to the internet yesterday.

It is titled “classy girls of Grafton Street.”

The second female was carried out of the shop by two people in the shop, one taking her arms and the other taking her legs.

She 's then lifted to her feet by a stranger outside. Outside the shop, one of the young women shouts “where's my f*cking phone?”

She tries to re-enter the shop but is pushed back by a customer, before both women leave and walk down Grafton Street together.


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