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Video: Larry Murphy caught on camera talking to women


The convicted rapist smokes a cigarette

The convicted rapist smokes a cigarette

Preparing to get a lift on a motorcycle

Preparing to get a lift on a motorcycle


SUSPECTED serial killer Larry Murphy has been spotted on the streets of Amsterdam talking to female tourists.

Murphy and a male companion were filmed several times by a television crew talking to women on the streets of the popular tourist city.

Murphy, who is the main suspect in the disappearance and murder of three women, Annie McCarrick, Jo Jo Dullard and Deirdre Jacobs, is classified by Europol as a “dangerous person”, who should be constantly monitored.

The former carpenter has found work in the Dutch city and was seen hanging around a bus stop where he chatted with women looking for directions.

The 46-year-old was jailed here for the vicious rape of a young woman in Carlow. He bundled the victim into the boot of a car and gardai believe was about to kill and bury her when he was surprised by two hunters.

I was involved with an Irish documentary crew who filmed him in Holland several times over the past five months after we learned Murphy had moved there late last year having spent six months in Spain.

The last time he was spotted in Ireland was in June 2011, when he returned here for three weeks while awaiting a replacement passport for one he lost in Barcelona. He had been working in the Spanish city since his release in August 2010.

Murphy has not lived here since his release from Arbour Hill prison where he served ten-and-a-half years of a 15-year sentence for the abduction, multiple rape and attempted murder of a young woman in 2000.

Despite repeated reported “sightings” of Murphy in Ireland, he has lived exclusively between Holland and Spain since then and has not left the continent.

Murphy's victim is terrified that he may return to Ireland and has been in regular contact with Gardai when she reads reports that he is back.

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In these pictures the sexual predator is seen chatting with women and glancing furtively at female passersby.

Often he’s with a male companion on the streets of a suburb in the north of the city where he has an apartment.

The tradesman keeps to himself and avoids the city’s red-light district and bars, which are popular among Irish visitors. The residential area where he lives is 20 minutes from the heart of the city.

His male friend is a work colleague. Murphy was filmed as he was picked up for work by his friend every morning at 4am The pair travelled to work on the man’s scooter. During the summer months the two men went fishing most weekends.

Dutch police are aware of Murphy’s residency and have visited him on at least one occasion.

After his release, gardai in Dublin circulated an international alert through Interpol containing details of Murphy’s background and pictures.

His passport has been “flagged” on all borders throughout Europe.

Murphy became the most feared sex offender in recent Irish history when he was convicted of the horrific rape and attempted murder of a young businesswoman in 2000.

Murphy had secretly stalked his victim and, after repeatedly raping her over a three-hour period, brought the woman to an isolated forest on the edge of the desolate Glen of Imaal, Co Wicklow.

He was in the process of trying to murder the woman when he was interrupted by deer hunters near his hometown of Baltinglass.

He had never come to the attention of the Gardai before and has never offered any kind of explanation to detectives, his family or now-estranged wife.

In prison he refused counselling.

When our documentary crew asked him for an interview he ran off. He later returned to his apartment and ignored repeated efforts to be interviewed.

The documentary was broadcast tonight on TV3’s ‘Midweek’ at 10pm.

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