Tuesday 16 January 2018

VIDEO: CCTV footage of Dublin stab victim before death

Conor Feehan & Jennifer McShane

This is the final CCTV footage of former publican John Maguire before he was stabbed to death.

Mr Maguire was murdered two days later on Monday.

Gardai investigating the brutal murder of Mr Maguire in Smithfield on Monday now believe a homeless man could be the killer.

They believe that a person living on the streets, and who was possibly known to the 51-year-old former publican, could be responsible for the frenzied stabbing in the hallway of his Ormond Square home.

Investigators piecing together evidence and witness accounts now believe that John Maguire had a row with another man he had let into his home and that he was brutally stabbed by the other man as he fought to protect himself.

The motive for the killing and the reason for the fight is still unclear.

Meanwhile,  the last footage of tragic businessman John Maguire, who was murdered in his Ormond Square home last Monday afternoon has emerged.

Mr Maguire was spotted in his local Costcutter shop buying milk last Saturday,  just two days before his murder last Monday.

Our images show the victim in his local Costcutter store on Saturday where he purchased milk and spoke about a weekend trip to Kerry.

Mr Maguire was a member of the gay community who lived at the house with his long-term partner Jim Hynes, the chief operations officer with the charity Concern.

He remains distraught after being told of the murder by gardai on Monday afternoon.

Gardai are also investigating if the killer who stabbed Mr Maguire to death may have taken the murder weapon with him when he fled the scene.

Although a knife was found in the house after the shocking discovery of John’s body, it is now believed that it was not the knife used in the attack.

Forensic tests are still being carried out on the blade,

described as being of the type that would usually be found in a kitchen block-set.

Gardai are still working on tracing any visitors or callers to the house on Ormond Square in the hours before lunchtime on Monday as they could help further the investigation into the shockingly violent and frenzied death that Mr Maguire suffered.

The victim desperately fought with his killer as he was being stabbed to death, and it is very likely that the killer could have become heavily bloodstained in the attack also. Gardai are confident that Mr Maguire knew his attacker and allowed him into his home.

A tradesman working in a nearby house heard glass breaking around the time of the vicious murder on Monday afternoon.


The Herald has revealed how the man working at a house behind Mr Maguire's home heard glass breaking around the time he was attacked.

“He said he didn't take much notice of it at the time because he didn't hear any raised voices or shouting, but he said he heard a bit of a ruckus and glass breaking,” the house-owner said.

Post-mortem results show Mr Maguire died from multiple stab wounds sustained while inside his house.

The investigation is now focusing on the killer's movements once he was allowed inside,” a senior source said.

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