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Victims of that fateful day on flight NM7100

ANDREW CANTLE (27) co-pilot, Sunderland: always wanted to be a pilot. Before training for the co-pilot role that would lead him to Manx2, the 27-year-old had spent eight years on the sea, volunteering on an RNLI lifeboat out of Sunderland.

But he always saw his future in the air.

"He lived for planes," his mother Ann said. "Being a pilot was all he ever wanted to do since he was a little boy."

He shared a home in the Rawcliffe area of York with his partner Beth Webster.

She was told of his death by phone on Thursday.

His parents learnt of the crash over the internet.

He had only been working with the company for two weeks.

Jordi Sola Lopez, (31), Manresa, Spain, pilot: THE Spanish pilot was really only beginning what he hoped would be a long and successful career.

His family said yesterday that the ill-fated flight from Belfast to Cork was his first as captain.

From Manresa -- 40 miles from Barcelona -- Jordi Sola Lopez (31) studied at the Top Fly aviation school in nearby Sabadell and also worked as an instructor.

He went on to fly in the Canary Islands before taking his current job with Air Lada, the company that owns the plane, which crashed on Thursday. The pilot lived between Belfast and Barcelona and flew all around Europe, and had a partner, Sarabel Ruiz. Outside of work he was a champion ballroom dancer.

"It's difficult to believe," his former dancing partner Meritxell Gomez said. "He was a lovely guy, he was an exceptional person."

The Spanish embassy in Dublin called his parents in Manresa to inform them of their son's death. They were expected to fly here this weekend to identify the body.

A spokesman for SEPLA, the Spanish pilots' union, said Mr Sola Lopez was not a member of the organisation -- but added that this was not unusual.

BRENDAN McALEESE (39) Cookstown, Tyrone, director, laundry firm: had two little girls, Ava (5) and Erin (3), on whom he doted.

Like a number of others on the plane, the director of a laundry firm in the tiny village of Sandholes near Cookstown in Tyrone was travelling to Cork -- where it has a branch -- to conduct some business.

Yesterday, his devastated wife Anne Marie issued a brief statement saying that the shocking reality had yet to sink in.

"Brendan was a special character, a doting father, a loving husband, son and brother and a true gentleman to all who knew him," the family said.

"We also remember that five other families are walking this path along with us."

A ghostly silence hung over the normally bustling plant outside Cookstown.

The thriving business, which employs about 80 people and has branches in Roscommon, Dublin, Limerick and Cork, remained open because "it was what Brendan would have wanted", said customer services manager Olive Hamilton.

RICHARD NOBLE 49 Carrickfergus, office supplies MD: caught the early-morning flight to Cork to attend a business meeting.

The 49-year-old was the managing director of the Ireland division of Danwood Ltd, a firm that provides office supplies.

He was originally from Derbyshire in England but had lived in Carrickfergus in Antrim with his wife and daughter for a number of years.

He had been with Danwood for six years. Its chairman, Colin Daniels, said yesterday that workers were "shocked and deeply saddened by the news that our colleague has died in this terrible accident".

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Richard's wife, daughter, family, friends and all of his colleagues within Danwood," he added.

"We feel privileged to have worked with and known Richard. He will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.

"We also offer our condolences and thoughts to the families and friends of those who have also lost their loved ones in such tragic circumstances," the statement concluded.

Pat Cullinan (45) Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, partner, KPMG: A HIGH achiever who carried his success lightly, taking time to phone his mother every day.

Pat Cullinan was originally from Plumbridge in Tyrone and went on to get a first-class honours degree in accountancy at Queen's University Belfast .

He later moved to London to work with KPMG, but as he succeeded in the accountancy firm he also felt a yearning to return home to be closer to his family.

He returned to Belfast a number of years ago, but regularly flew to Dublin, Cork and London for work.

A single man, he was particularly close to his mother who he had spoken to on the night before the fateful crash.

He is survived by three brothers and one sister.

"Pat was a local success story raised right in the heart of the beautiful Glenelly Valley," his cousin Tom McBride said.

"Pat was always a very focused, dedicated young person. From an early day he had his sight set on the professional accountancy world."

MICHAEL EVANS (51) Belfast deputy harbour master: was another man travelling to Cork on business.

The 51-year-old was well known in Belfast where he has held the post of deputy harbour master for five years.

Originally from England, he moved to the North in 1996, first with P&O Ferries and later with Belfast Harbour.

Married with a number of grown-up children, colleagues were still struggling to come to terms with his death yesterday.

"We re all devastated by the news of Michael's death," harbour master Kevin Allen said.

"He was phenomenally committed to his job and to his colleagues, helping ensure that the harbour stayed open to shipping every hour of every day," Mr Allen added.

"Michael was unique to work with and was well- respected throughout the shipping industry.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Andrea and family."

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