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Victim of Smyth abuse after Cardinal Brady knew, calls for his resignation

A VICTIM of paedophile priest Brendan Smyth, who was abused after he was reported to Cardinal Sean Brady, today called for the All Ireland Primate to resign.

Sam Adair was abused after the then Fr Brady investigated Smyth, and fellow-victim Brendan Boland had given fives names and addresses of other abused children to the investigation.

He said that at the time of the inquiry Cardinal Brady was not just a note taker, but a skilled canon lawyer.

Speaking on RTE Radio’s Morning Ireland show, he called on the church to compensate Smyth’s victims.

“This Titanic embarrassment, humiliation and injustice to Catholic children has never, ever, ever been dealt with by the cardinal whatsoever. Maybe someone else could step into the breach here and take this situation and solve this situation,” Mr Adair said.

"He knew of five children's names and addresses and to have a rabid paedophile of the Catholic Church visiting those homes and sexually molesting those children, the very, very, very least he could have done was went (sic) and made sure that he slept at night with his clear conscience that the parents of these children knew that this tea-drinking, Marie biscuit-eating paedophile was not lurking around their houses.

“He did not keep these children from this devil in a dog’s collar.

“Anybody walking through a park who saw some sort of instance of abuse, surely would have intervened or reported it to the police or made a phone call,” he said.

"He done (sic) absolutely nothing and the most important part about this is that this isn't an ordinary man that's walking the streets - an ordinary 4x2.

“This is a man who is supposed to be the telephone line to God and people are relying on their eternal salvation on him.

“And this man hasn't even got the moral courage to report the child rape and the abuse of children.”

Barnardo’s chief executive Fergus Finlay, who spoke of his own sexual and physical abuse as a child on the George Hook show on Newstalk, yesterday, said Cardinal Brady should resign.

It was nonsense to suggest that sexual abuse was not understood in the 1970s, he said.