Friday 17 January 2020

VHI pays consultants an average of €86k each for treating private patients


CONSULTANTS in Ireland received an average payment of €86k each from VHI Healthcare last year for treating private patients.

Thirty consultants received over €500,000 according to new figures provided by the VHI to RTE.

A total of €258 million was paid to consultants in 2011 – a reduction of 16pc since 2009 when the average payment was €102,800.

Half of the consultants were paid less than €50,000 by the VHI and 71pc earned less than €100,000.

The Irish Hospital Consultants Association pointed out the figures were gross amounts from which consultants had to pay their staff, premises, insurance and other costs.

Professor John Crown, who is also a Senator, said the figures showed more specialists needed to be appointed. Waiting lists would then fall and individual consultants would make less money.

VHI Healthcare has over 3,000 hospital consultants on its books and they can also earn private fees from Aviva and Quinn.

The average consultant in an Irish hospital is also paid a basic public salary of €180,000, excluding allowances.

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