Tuesday 20 March 2018

Venomous spider on the loose in children's bedroom

Poisonous bite: false widow
Poisonous bite: false widow
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

A venomous false widow spider was spotted lurking in the bedroom of two young children but escaped before it was captured.

Craig Flynn discovered the poisonous spider in the bedroom of his two sons Alex (9) and Sean (2) in Mullinavat in Kilkenny, but it scuttled off before he could catch it.

The false widow spider is poisonous and its bite has the potential to provoke a serious reaction in those who are allergic to it.

Craig's sister Ursula Flynn said the family were alarmed after spotting the large spider. "If the smaller boy saw it, he might have put his hand on it and we are just worried about him being bitten."

Although the false widow's bite has the potential to be dangerous, reports of attacks are "few and far between", according to spider expert Myles Nolan.

"The small false widow spider is quite common in Ireland but it is largely harmless," said Mr Nolan.

"Certainly there have been stories of severe reactions... For the most part though, these spiders don't bite unless they are provoked."

The false widow is the most dangerous spider in Ireland, but its bite pales in comparison to the black widow spider which fortunately cannot survive in our climate.

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