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Thursday 19 April 2018

Vatican looks into Pius miracle claim

The Vatican is investigating an alleged miracle that could put Pope Pius XII just one step away from sainthood.

An unnamed man in Castellammare di Stabia in the south of Italy has claimed he was inexplicably healed from incurable prostate cancer after he prayed to the wartime pope. After examining the patient's medical records the Vatican has asked the Archbishop of Sorrento, Felice Cece, to set up a diocesan tribunal to investigate the claims further.

Breadmaker fined over glove in loaf

The baker of Hovis bread was fined £750 (e850) after a woman from Omagh, in the North found part of an oven glove baked into a slice.

The woman toasted the white bread and had begun to eat it when she noticed the material. The packet turned out to be full of shreds of the hessian-type cloth.

'Smoking baby' pictured online

A photograph of a baby with a cigarette in his mouth was posted online, prompting a police investigation.

A concerned internet user contacted the authorities after they saw a picture of a baby boy with an unlit cigarette in his mouth on the social networking site, Facebook, said a spokesman for Essex police in the UK.

iPhone touches the limits of trust

Technology has made trust a thing of the past with the launch of a new iPhone application that catches prying partners who read their loved one's texts.

As well as guarding sensitive information, the iTrust application also records any clandestine activity while the owner was absent, storing a fingerprint record of every button pressed on the phone's touchscreen display.

Repo man finds a baby on board

A dealer who repossessed a Californian woman's car left with her two-year-old son sleeping in the back.

The car was taken away because Isabel Leuvano, from San Jose, was behind on her payments. She said she was waiting for her daughter outside the car when someone jumped in and drove off. Police later found the child.

Body stuck in car windscreen

A Japanese woman drove home with the body of an 80-year-old pedestrian lodged in her windscreen.

The 23-year-old driver struck the elderly woman then drove five miles home. When police arrived they found the body still stuck in the windscreen.

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