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Vast majority reject leaving eurozone

The overwhelming majority of Irish people feel being close to Europe is our best hope of recovery and are opposed to pulling out of the eurozone, our latest poll reveals.

The latest Sunday Independent/Quantum Research Nationwide poll of 500 households revealed that a massive majority of respondents, 84 per cent, did not think we should consider leaving the eurozone. People thought that leaving the currency zone would lead to more economic hardship and would be the equivalent of economic suicide.

"Maybe we should go back to bartering because I'm not sure we could afford to make the coins for any new currency," said one male Dublin respondent.

However, the small minority in favour of dropping the currency said we should revert to having our own currency like the UK.

"Yes, I think the euro is more suited to countries like Germany. I believe that being in the euro has contributed to where we are now, this brought a lot of cheap money. I think we should follow the UK," said another respondent.

The vast majority of people, 87 per cent, did not think we should leave the EU.

People thought we desperately needed the support of the EU at this time and that if we were to leave we would be left to the mercy of the global financial system.

Merely asking this question put many people into panic mode, because the EU is seen by most respondents as our only safety net. This might appear ironic given that not long ago a significant number of respondents thought we could go it alone without Europe and were prepared to vote 'No' to the Lisbon Treaty.

"If we left the EU we would be left in the hands of the chancers and gombeen men who have got us into this mess," said one respondent.

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