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Varadkar not for turning on €80 fee cap for clampers

TRANSPORT Minister Leo Varadkar said he has no intention of increasing the current declamping fee of €80 on public roads.

Dublin City's clamping appeals officer has called for an increase in the current maximum clamp-release charge on public roads from €80 to €130 as a deterrent against illegal parking.

But speaking after he announced plans for a clampdown on rogue clampers and a new regulator for the private clamping industry, Mr Varadkar (pictured) said he did not favour an increase.

"Certainly I've no intention of increasing the current €80 cap, but ultimately the legislation will make that a decision for the regulator.

"There have been a lot of incidents of people being treated unfairly by clampers particularly on private property".

"For example people have been charged exorbitant fees to have their cars declamped and in some cases there hasn't been proper signage letting people know there's clamping in place," the minister added.

Irish Independent