Saturday 17 March 2018

Use a card and you'll pay now – and incur a 'small' fee

when is tax due? Immediately

Revenue officials appear to have been shocked that so many people chose last summer to pay this year's tax by using their cards.

So now those who again choose this method face having to pay up this month – a full four months earlier than those who opt for a single debit authority method of paying.

The problem has arisen because Revenue is demanding that if people indicate in the paper or online forms that they want to pay by credit card or debit card, the tax officials want the card details.

This means the payment will come out as soon as Revenue gets the forms back with the card details.

Private sector tax experts say what is going on here is an attempt by the tax authorities to discourage people from using credit cards and debit cards.

Officials in Revenue were understood to have been taken aback that six out of 10 people who paid the tax last summer used a card or a cheque.

What all of this amounts to is that those who want to pay by card and fill out a form manually by the deadline of next Thursday will see the money going to Revenue within days of the tax officials getting the form back. Those filing online will see the payment taken some time after November 27.

So don't get caught on this. Revenue has refused to say why it won't separate the date by which householders must say how they intend to pay next year's tax from the credit/debit card payment date.

A spokeswoman would only say that because of data protection, Revenue will not retain card details. Also worth noting is that there is a 1.49pc "administrative charge" for paying by credit card.

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