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US firms have 2,000 vacancies here in sciences and maths

US firms operating here have 2,000 job vacancies they can’t fill.

At a time when unemployment is at record highs, the jobs are mainly science, engineering and maths related.

And 30pc of roles are taking more than three months to fill.

“This reflects a lack of suitable skills and experience for specific roles,” said Gerard Kilcommins, president of the American Chamber of Commerce, which released the data in its annual workforce survey.

The figures also showed that 90pc of 100 firms survey are currently recruiting.

While over 800 graduates were hired by its 600 member firms last year, just under 1,000 are expected this year representing a 21pc increase.

Recent figures show that US firms, which employ over 90,000 people here, have well over €100bn invested in Ireland.

“This is 5pc of all US foreign direct investment worldwide,” Mr Kilcommins, who is also vice president at Medtronic’s vascular businesses.

While US firm’s are attracted by our low 12.5pc corporation tax rate, he added that flexibility in the workforce is also important.

He added that any changes to the current voluntary model of industrial relations would “undermine what continues to be one of the cornerstones of our successful transformation into a modern knowledge-based economy in recent years