Thursday 12 December 2019

US Ambassador tells J1 applicants: do not delay

Kevin O'Malley Photo: Damien Eagers
Kevin O'Malley Photo: Damien Eagers

Jane O'Faherty

The US Ambassador to Ireland has advised J1 jobseekers to “move quickly” to ensure that they have a job before they travel.

Since last year, J1 students must prove they have pre-arranged employment for the summer before being granted permission to enter the United States. 

Ambassador Kevin O’Malley said: “All of us like to procrastinate and put off and in prior years you could put off until the very last minute. But this year, the people who are moving more quickly will be the happiest.”

His comments came as hundreds of positions were snapped up at a fair for students and US employers in Dublin city centre.

He added that American employers “loved” having young Irish people work with them each summer and he called the programme “the building block and the connecting glue between us”.

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