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Up to 3,000 job seekers queue for working Abroad Expo in Cork

UP to 3,000 people seeking jobs are queueing for entry to the latest Working Abroad Expo which opened today and some have been there since 1am.

Others slept in their cars before joining the queue early this morning at Cork’s Silver Springs Hotel reflecting the high unemployment figures in the country with over 440,000 on the Live Register.

“It’s a very sobering experience here today,” said Eoin Daly, manager of the Silver Springs.

“You see pregnant women and children in buggies,” he added.

The expo features 50 Canadian and Australian firms looking for staff from industries as diverse as farming and healthcare.

Interest in the event was so strong that online sales had to be stopped on Monday when ticket sales reached 1,000.

The expo was supposed to kick-off at 12 noon but opened an hour earlier to accommodate the crowds – it will also close an hour later at 8pm.

It follows a similar event at Dublin’s RDS at the weekend when up 20,000 people queued to enter the event.

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