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Sunday 17 November 2019

'Unlucky' traffic lights hit for fifth time in five years

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Paul Healy

ARE these the unluckiest set of traffic lights in the country?

A junction at one of the Dublin's busiest roads is the regular victim of car accidents and these traffic lights in Lucan are bearing the burden.

Residents have hit out at an "unsafe" bend in Dublin's outer ring road, which resulted in five crashes in just over five years - all involving vehicles hitting the traffic lights.

The lights, located at the Foxhunter slip road in Lucan, were struck again last week, as a vehicle drove around the corner and collided with them.

According to South Dublin County Council, the lights have been damaged by motorists five times since 2010 - inspiring one local councillor to ask to have the road reviewed.

Fine Gael's William Lavelle said that the accidents made the junction "one of Dublin's most frequent accident blackspots", and said that it was "urgent" that the council take action.

The Herald understands that the frequent accidents along the road have meant that parents are afraid to let their children walk to a nearby school.

"The significant number of accidents in the area has parents very concerned," Mr Lavelle said.

"A lot of people see this as an urgent issue of road safety and it needs to be addressed," he added.


This isn't the only black spot in the area, with several residents taking to social media complaining about the Penny Hill junction in nearby Lucan.

The junction was the scene of a serious accident last month, after a hit-and-run incident left an elderly couple hospitalised.

In that incident, which occurred on March 19, a black hatchback driving along the Ballyowen Road towards the N4 bypass in Lucan, hit the elderly couple's car at high speed.

The couple's car span into the traffic lights at the Penny Hill before the other driver fled the scene. The injured couple have since been released from hospital.

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