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University shows budding students how to get ahead

PROSPECTIVE Trinity College students were given a tour of life at the prestigious university yesterday.

Academic departments pulled out all the stops to woo budding entrants, with giant bugs and spiders on show as well as a raft of mind-boggling devices.

Lizards, snakes and other slippery creatures were on show at the zoology stand, while a Van De Graff generator -- which causes hair to dramatically stand on end -- was demonstrated by the physics department.

The open sessions will continue today, with academic staff giving more than 100 presentations and demonstrations over the two days showcasing Trinity's range of undergraduate courses.

Current students will also be on hand to lend some advice, give tours of the sports centre, science laboratories and libraries.

Parents and students are able to weave their way around a vast array of displays from the faculties of arts, humanities and social sciences, engineering, mathematics and science and health sciences.

They're able to test their reaction times on a driving simulator, suture on plastic skin, use liquid nitrogen to freeze flowers and watch how a levitating superconductor can hover over a dish of liquid nitrogen with no support other than magnetic fields.

The two-day event is billed as an opportunity for students to gain a real insight into life at the Dublin college.

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