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Saturday 18 November 2017

Universities can't handle the truth

Some people can't handle the truth. Ironically, the most stubborn resistance to the realities of life appears to exist within our universities, the supposed halls of knowledge.

A new review of the education sector by the Comptroller and Auditor General reveals a shocking level of denial among third-level bosses who have repeatedly ignored the salary caps, recruitment embargos and promotion restrictions introduced in the wake of the economic crash.

More than €8m in overpayments have been made to senior university administrators in recent years while academic staff have continued to be hired and promoted in flagrant contravention of government strictures.

Apparently, you just can't tell college dons about the importance of prudent book-keeping; the way they look at it, if prudent book-keepers are so smart, how come they aren't college dons themselves?

Higher learning can sometimes be a convenient smokescreen for hardcore ignorance.

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