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Unique FMX stunt tour hits Dublin

THE world's hottest freestyle motocross (FMX) tour arrived in Dublin last week, with its entourage of health and fitness gurus, for the Irish leg of the 2012 Masters of Dirt World Tour, which takes place today at the Citywest Event Centre in Dublin.

Described as "Cirque du Soleil on wheels", this year's unique aerial stunt show features an ambitious stunt plan involving high-performance motorbikes, quad bikes, BMX, and even a snowmobile, with more ramps, jumps, wheelies and 'airtime' jammed into an indoor arena than ever before.

The Masters of Dirt founder, 24-year-old Georgie Fechter, said that while the performance art undoubtedly has a cool image and the perception of a wild lifestyle, the reality is far from it.

"Diet and fitness is essential in FMX. When the show closes, the team may break out and have a few beers, but during show week, drivers need to be as finely tuned as their engines, so it's plenty of healthy food and gym sessions to prepare both the mind and the body for the stresses of the live show," the Masters of Dirt boss claimed.

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