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ULA blame No vote defeat on Government playing fear card

UNITED Left Alliance TDs last night blamed fear among voters for the decisive defeat they suffered, writes Fiach Kelly.

But they also tacitly acknowledged the Yes side had won by hammering them on how the State would be funded if the treaty was defeated.

Dublin MEP Paul Murphy, who fronted the campaign for the Socialist Party, said there were "two important" factors in the treaty result.

"I think fear, and a question of access to funding was an important factor," Mr Murphy said.

"The Noonan threat about the Budget was also an important factor. But I hope against hope the promises of stability will come to pass."

Dun Laoghaire People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett also blamed fear, and said the result "was disappointing but not surprising".

"Fear won the day," he said. "People thought things would get worse if they voted No, and that was the message they were given by the Government.

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