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UCD, TCD professors paid more than those at world's top colleges

PROFESSORS at Ireland's two top colleges – which have both tumbled out of the World Top 100 ratings in the past three years – are receiving higher salaries than those at the world's 10 highest ranking colleges like Oxford, Cambridge and Berkeley, and just less than the salary of professors at the world's number one ranked university.

Full professor salaries at Trinity College Dublin – ranked 110th in the world – and University College Dublin (187th) average €138,350 and €134,150 respectively.

This compares with the €139,853 paid on average to professors at Caltech (The California Institute of Technology). Caltech has occupied the number one university in the world slot for the past few years.

While Irish colleges have cited falls in funding as the reason for their deterioration in world rankings, the salary comparisons demonstrate that Irish professors are punching well above their weight on at least one front.

Trinity professors currently receive €32,158 more per annum than professors at the world number two ranking college, Oxford, and €26,905 more than their peers at Cambridge, the world number seven.

They also make €14,348 more than professors at Berkeley in California and €33,119 more than those at Imperial College London, both of which are in the world top 10 rankings by the Times Higher Education (THE) barometer.


UCD and UCC also pay their professors more than the top ten colleges. Trinity College shares 110th place in the world with the University of Sheffield and the University of Sussex.

Sheffield pays its professors an average of €73,319 and Sussex pays €74,821. This means Trinity professors get €63,529 more per year than the highest rate at an equivalent Times Higher Education ranked college, a difference which equates to a typical annual salary.

Trinity College has fallen 57 places on the list, having been ranked 53rd five years ago.

UCD – currently ranked at 187th place (down from 94th three years ago) and which pays professors €134,150 on average – shares its ranking with the University of Twente in the Netherlands, which says it pays professors an average of €96,000 – €38,150 less.

The TCD and UCD salary averages for 2013 were supplied by the colleges themselves.

According to the latest figures held by the Higher Education Authority, UCC (which ranks in the 301-350 place band in the world rankings), pays its professors an average of €133,999 and NUI Galway, which is in the same band, pays €125,948.

This means both colleges pay more than the wages at four of the top 10 world ranked institutions. DCU pays €129,768, which means that despite not having a top 400 place since 2010, its professors receive more than those employed at Oxford, Cambridge, London Imperial and Berkeley.

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