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Two-thirds of staff not using up their holidays


Two-thirds of people don't take their holidays.

Two-thirds of people don't take their holidays.

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Two-thirds of people don't take their holidays.

TWO-thirds of workers don't use up all of their allotted holidays each year -- with many hating the fact that they can't take all their leave.

A new survey found 41pc of Irish workers have an average of two or three days of annual leave left over at the end of the year, something 37pc of people said they resent.

One in five said it's because they have too much work to get through, while another fifth admitted that they just don't get round to taking them.

A further 15pc said they make the effort to save up their days, but can't find time to take them.

The survey by accommodation booking website Hotels.com found that just under half of us get between 21 and 25 days of leave per year.

The survey also discovered that 63pc of workers are allowed to carry their holidays over to the following year.

A spokesperson for Hotels.com warned that it's important to get the right work-life balance. "It seems the majority of people are too busy to take all of their annual leave and resent not getting to use up or carry over all of their days."

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