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Two teenage boys rescued by RNLI after becoming stranded on rocks off Derry coast

TWO teenagers were rescued from rocks off the north coast of Northern Ireland today.

The coastguard was called after the boys, both aged 13, became stranded by incoming tides in the East Promenade area of Portstewart.

Police officers, who were called to the scene at about 4.30pm, managed to coax one of the teenagers ashore, but the other boy had to be lifted from the rocks by the RNLI.

Police Service of Northern Ireland inspector Mick Wood said the incident was a reminder of the dangers of the sea.

He said: "I am proud of all those involved with the rescue this afternoon and pleased that there has been such a positive outcome. No one was injured and no lives lost.

"However, it could have been so different. The incident serves as a reminder to us that tides are extremely unpredictable.

"Anyone using the beach or rocks should constantly be aware of their surroundings. I am just thankful that the boys are safe and have now been reunited with their families."

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