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Monday 21 October 2019

Two mystery Liveline donors make young man's dream of going to Ballybunion beach in a new electric wheelchair come true

Ballybunion Castle, Co. Kerry. Photo: Deposit
Ballybunion Castle, Co. Kerry. Photo: Deposit

Kyle Ewald

Two mystery donors have paid €8,000 for a new wheelchair after a Limerick man told of how his parents weren't able to push him in his current chair anymore.

On Thursday, Darren (33) told RTE Radio One Liveline's Joe Duffy that his spina bifida and state of his current wheelchair had prevented him from leaving home, except for three times a week for kidney dialysis.

He told of how his dream was to go to the beach in Ballybunion with his family.

Within 24 hours, Darren and his family were informed that two anonymous contributors contacted the show offering to split the costs and buy Darren a new electric wheelchair.

"I’m not very happy because I can’t sit up straight," Darren told Joe Duffy prior to the charitable contributions.

"Nor me or my family or my brother or anybody, no one’s happy, I repeat, no one’s happy."

Before the generous donations, Darren’s family were no longer able to push him in his current wheelchair, and had been waiting 18-months for a new motorised chair.

His mother Kathleen first contacted the HSE in hopes to get her son the wheelchair, but was told there was a huge demand.

Now, following the assistance of the anonymous givers, Darren will have a new electric wheelchair in seven to ten days.

"We are hoping to get down there soon, now and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts you know because that’s all I have," said Darren of his plans to go to the beach at Ballybunion in his new wheelchair. 

Darren and his mother said they were incredibly happy for the great generosity of the donations, and were extremely excited to get Darren on the beach with his parents as soon as possible.

"Wherever he goes, I go," said Kathleen.

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