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Twins lived and died as a unit, says heartbroken father


Online tribute to tragic twins Peter and Kevin Moran

Online tribute to tragic twins Peter and Kevin Moran

Online tribute to tragic twins Peter and Kevin Moran

A GRIEVING father has paid an emotional tribute to his twin sons who were found dead last week and said they could not survive without each other.

The funeral took place yesterday of Peter and Kevin Moran (29) who died in their apartment in Limerick and were discovered by their mother and a friend last Wednesday.

The cause or time of the deaths has yet to be established, but gardai are not treating the deaths as suspicious.

St John's Cathedral in Limerick city was packed with hundreds of mourners yesterday as friends and neighbours of the twins rallied around their heartbroken family.

Sitting alongside the two coffins were the twins' parents, Margaret and Greg, their brothers, John and Greg, and sisters, Eva and Christina.

Their bodies were discovered in their apartment at Steamboat Quay in the city after their family and friends became concerned for their safety when they had not been seen for up to a week. They had lived at the apartment since November 2010.

Greg Moran said he had "tremendous times" with his two sons who were referred to by all as "the twins".

The pair, who went to school at St Enda's Community School, had worked in Dell, Banta and Fine Wines.

The congregation heard they were very interested in sport, especially soccer and supported Newcastle United.

"Everybody that was introduced to them, everybody that ever met them thought they were the nicest guys they ever met," their father said.

"They didn't realise how nice they were and what everybody thought of them. I always felt that they were so close," Mr Moran added.

He recalled one day when he spent time with his two sons watching an Arsenal-Newcastle United match and was trying to get them to express their individuality.

"I was trying to get them to operate as individuals. I said to the lads: 'Do you realise what conjoined means?'

"They said 'con what?' I said: 'Ye are the essence of conjoined. Ye are not conjoined at the hips, ye are conjoined at the heads.' They looked at me and started laughing and said 'Ah Dad, come on'.

"They lived their lives totally as a unit. That is why we called them twins. They came into this world on their own and they departed it at the same time," Mr Moran said.

"If the situation had arisen where one had to live without the other, that person would not be able to survive they were so close."

Gifts offered during the Mass symbolising their life included a Newcastle United jersey, a music CD and a wood carving representing their love of craft.

A photograph of the pair on their Holy Communion day was placed between their coffins.

Fr Oliver Plunkett described the twins as "very loving and affectionate".

Post-mortem examinations on their bodies last week proved inconclusive and gardai are awaiting the results of toxicology tests to establish the exact cause of death. This may take up to three weeks.

David Coughlan -- who, along with their mother, discovered the twins last week -- said they were like brothers to him.

"They were always good fun, always smiling, never depressed. They were just salt-of-the-earth guys," Mr Coughlan said.

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