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Twin brothers blasted in legs with shotgun


SHOOTING: the scene near Dolmen Terrace

SHOOTING: the scene near Dolmen Terrace

SHOOTING: the scene near Dolmen Terrace

TWIN brothers who were shot in the legs are to undergo surgery today.

Wayne and Keith Keogh were taken to separate hospitals after a shotgun attack.

Gardai are investigating if an earlier pub row could lie behind the incident.

The 22-year-olds, from Ballymun in Dublin, were attacked at around 1am yesterday as they walked along Balbutcher Lane.

One of the twins was found slumped on a footpath in Sandyhill Court and the other in a nearby playground.

A woman living at Sandyhill Court told the Herald she sought help for the wounded pair after one of them knocked frantically at her door.



"I was up in bed around 1am when there was knocking on the front door.

"When I opened the door, he said, 'I'm after being shot.' He was very frightened.

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"He was trying to tell the ambulance people on his phone what had happened, but he didn't seem to be doing too well so I took the phone off him and spoke to the ambulance man myself."

"He was saying, 'Me brother's been shot, me brother's been shot," the woman added.

"I felt panicky myself. He then hobbled back out onto the footpath in front of the house and collapsed. The next thing a garda car came speeding into the road. The ambulance came very fast."

Another local woman said: "All of the neighbours are very shocked at what happened. [One of the victims] kept saying his brother was shot.

"The police were all over the place and they were looking under parked cars for guns.

"Nothing like this has happened in the nine years that I have been here."



Residents said that the twins, known locally as Butch and Squirrel, were seen most nights walking the same route along Balbutcher Lane.

They were shot in the vicinity of Dolmen Terrace and the corner of Dane Road.

Residents said that the shooting had deeply shocked the community.

They added they hoped that the two victims would make a speedy recovery.

The brothers were taken in separate ambulances to the Mater Hospital and Beaumont Hospital for treatment. They will be operated on today.

Gardai at Ballymun garda station have appealed for information over the double shooting..


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