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TV star Hughes reveals his grief over death of sister

PRESENTER Alan Hughes has opened up for the first time about the death of his sister.

The popular 'Ireland AM' host has spoken of the grief he felt after Doreen Freeman's passing in April, following her battle with ovarian cancer.

"For me, it was very hard because my sister was always so full of life," he said. "Towards the end, to see her in that pain was just terrible.

"I remember when Doreen was very ill and I was lying in the bed with her. She just turned to me and said, 'Do you want to ask me anything?' and I just smiled at her and said, 'No, do you want to ask me anything?' And she said no -- so we just carried on watching the telly together.

"I knew, and she knew, that she was going to die -- but in saying that, we were saying enough."

The TV3 star wed his long-term partner Karl Broderick in 2011.


The broadcaster -- who comes from Ballymount in Dublin -- and his other half decided to get married ahead of time to ensure that family members could share their special day.

"I suppose we knew that my sister wasn't well. If we had gone with our original plan, to marry in May 2012, it would have been too late. My sister would have been dead and Karl's mum would not have been able to attend the wedding -- she was so ill at that stage."

The newlyweds then had to cope with Doreen's deteriorating health. Karl's parents were also ill.

He told VIP magazine: "Christmas Eve, we were in St Vincent's Hospital with Karl's dad, who was called in for a liver transplant. And Christmas Day, my sister was taken into the oncology unit in St James's Hospital. That was our Christmas."

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