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Turkey with all the trimmings - but no alcohol


Ireland's favourite carvery has been revealed

Ireland's favourite carvery has been revealed

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Ireland's favourite carvery has been revealed

Irish troops serving in the Golan Heights will sit down to a traditional Christmas dinner of turkey and all the trimmings - but with one big difference ... there will be no alcohol.

This is a 'dry' mission with a decision agreed before they flew out last September that alcohol would not be served in their headquarters, Camp Ziouani.

Commanding officer Lieut Col Darragh McKevitt said there were no complaints about the decision.

For the past two days chefs Siobhan Heffernan and Patrick O'Leary have been finalising the menu and preparing a meal that will make the personnel from the 50th Infantry Group feel like they are back home with their families for a couple of hours.

The troops will start off with homemade mushroom soup and soda bread, followed by roast stuffed turkey and ham with carrots, beetroot and braised red cabbage, creamed mustard mash and roast potatoes.

Dessert is comprised of homemade trifle and chocolate fudge cake with a selection of ice creams.

And they round off dinner with Christmas pudding, and tea or coffee.

The main recreational facilities the troops sought were the provision of wifi and a well-equipped gym.

A daily run around the perimeter of the camp is also on the agenda while a patch of land is set aside for football and hurling practice when the troops get some down time.

The troops can also spend a few hours watching sports on the TV in the recreational hall, which has been dubbed 'the GPO'.

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