Thursday 23 November 2017

Tubridy tears for generous response to toy appeal

Kevin Keane

BROADCASTER Ryan Tubridy yesterday paid tribute to the generous public reaction to his charity toy collection, which he said would "bring a tear to your eye".

The broadcaster has appealed for every child in the country to be "recession-proofed" in the run -up to Christmas.

Tubridy took time out from preparations for Friday's 'Late Late Toy show' to launch the St Vincent de Paul's (SVP) annual appeal yesterday. His own 'Toys for Tubs' collection is set to help the charity, which has seen demand for its services double in some parts of the country this year.

At such a difficult time, Tubridy said people needed to look after each other and "give a little bit more of a damn".

"For most people in this country it's not about banks and bailouts, it's about bread and butter."

Tubridy said many unemployed people had volunteered to help out with the appeal. "People rang in and said, 'I have a car, I have time, I have heart; count me in'."

Meanwhile, next door to the room where Tubridy was making his appeal, a husband and wife fought back tears as they described the circumstances that led them to seek help from the SVP.

Paul and Jane (not their real names) both work low-paid jobs and struggle to provide for their two young children.

Bills went unpaid and the couple fell behind with their rent before Jane finally decided to seek help from the SVP.

"I didn't want to do it but I felt there was nowhere else to go. I only told Paul when the volunteers came to the front door. He wasn't too happy but I felt there was no other way. "

"I haven't had a lunch at work in probably two years," said Paul. "I just don't have the money for it.

"We don't go out, we don't socialise with anybody, we stay in all the time.

"Because we work, people think we have a little money. But we don't; we're penniless."

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