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'True blue' Varadkar gets red card as Dail officials flag problem

SPORTS Minister and GAA fan Leo Varadkar got a red card for flying the flag from his car yesterday.

The Dublin West TD is driving around with Dublin flags hanging from the back windows of his car.

But he was ordered by Dail authorities to remove the Blues flags when he parked his car in Leinster House.

Mr Varadkar is the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport. Yet, his credentials didn't cut any ice with officials.

Under Leinster House rules, cars are not allowed to display emblems.

"He thought it ironic for a Minister for Sport to be asked to remove the Dublin flags," a source said.

Labour Party TD Aodhan O Riordain also fell foul of the flag rule. The Dublin North-Central TD said he got an official call telling him he had to "take the Dub flags down from my car when in the Dail".

Not known as a major sports fan, Mr Varadkar was a surprise appointment as Minister for Sport. He has admitted to being amused by the commentary his appointment generated. But he got a positive reception at the GAA Congress in the spring.

"I know a lot of facts. I don't play the sports," he told the Irish Independent after he was appointed.

"I ran 10km through the park on Sunday and went to the gym, so I'm participative in sport." he added.

The highlights of his sporting career is lining out in the second row for the Oireachtas rugby team. He does, however, work out and run a lot.

Irish Independent