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True blue Gerry wins mill on Hill to earn place at top table

FOR true blue Gerry Wolfe, catching the match ball was enough to bring memories of his own glory flooding back.

The 73-year-old from Foxfield Park, in Raheny, won two All-Ireland minor football finals with Dublin in 1955 and 1956 when the county beat Tipperary and Leitrim.

On Sunday, he was on Hill 16 in Croke Park when the ball came over the fence and he grabbed it.

"There were 10 minutes to go and the ball just landed there," Mr Wolfe said.

"I noticed it and jumped on it and there was a big fight to get on the ball.

"It only lasted for about a minute after the lads jumped in to get the ball," he added.

"Eventually I was able to hold on to it," Mr Wolfe laughed.

"I stuck it under my jumper to make sure nobody got it when I was going out," he added.

After hearing about the squad's party at the Burlington Hotel, Mr Wolfe headed down.

Despite tight security, he managed to sneak in through a side entrance, and stayed until 2am.

Mr Wolfe has been at every All-Ireland football final match that Dublin has been involved in since they won in 1958, when he returned home from labouring in England in order to get a ticket.

"I'm so excited, I'm high as a kite," he said.

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